Every Win is Significant

Every win is significant, especially to our clients. That’s because every client is significant to Ray Thomas Law Group. Whether our client is a Fortune 500 company or a widow, a lawyer or an injured worker, a judge or a janitor, a Congressman or an immigrant, all are VIPs in our book. We strive to treat each and every client like family. We get to know our clients and they get to know us. The bonds we form with our clients often last well beyond the conclusion of their case. Nothing delights us more than to receive a Christmas card from a former client, or a note sharing an update on their family. That said, some of our success has been truly extraordinary when measured by the numbers. Here are a few examples:

Trial tested, trial proven

Ray Thomas has won million and multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements, obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts, judgments and settlements for his clients. This includes four cases listed in the Top 100 Verdicts in 2004, 2006 and 2019, as reported by The National Law Journal, and two No. 1 jury verdicts as reported by ALM’s 2019 Top Texas Verdicts.

These two No. 1 jury verdicts include an $80 million jury verdict for gross negligence against a motor carrier and a $70 million jury verdict in a complex, cross-border business conflict. His $70 million verdict is listed in the 2021 Southwest Verdict Hall of Fame.


In back-to-back jury trials, Ray Thomas led his teams in two record-setting jury verdicts – a personal injury trucking case and, six weeks later, a highly complex, cross-border business dispute – reflecting his commitment to preparation, versatility in legal battles, and his mastery of the courtroom.

Sustainable Products Services, L.L.C.
v. Scrap Metal Services, L.L.C.


#1 Business Law Verdict in Texas in 2019

In a highly complex, cross-border dispute between multiple US scrap industry  companies, a unanimous jury found: breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of contract, and and exemplary damages against each of three coporate and four individual defendents, despite an aggresive defense seeking dismissal and application of Mexican law, filing a competing complaint in Delaware, and a mandamus proceeding in the Supreme Court of Texas. The joint venture was located in Mexico, as was the physical evidence and many  of the witnesses. The case settled after verdict and before judgment.

v. JNM Express, L.L.C.


#1 Gross Negligence Verdict in Texas in 2019

Larry Lozano fell asleep at the wheel driving an 18 wheeler in violation of Hours of Service working for Jorge and Sylvia Marin and their companies. The Marins demanded that their drivers falsify their log books so that they could drive longer hours than allowed by law. Larry had just returned from a long trip to the east coast when Jorge required him to turn around and take another load back to the east coast. When Larry told his employer that he was out of hours and exhausted, Jorge insisted. The employee handbook states any driver who refuses a load can be terminated. With a special needs son at home, and as the only bread winner, Larry could not afford to lose his job, so he complied. Fatigue caused Larry to crash causing him significant permanent injuries. Jury awarded Larry and his wife Irene $80 million in actual and punitive damages. Judgment was upheld by the court of appeals. Now pending at the Texas Supreme Court.